90 North Is a Nexus of Opportunity Take advantage of this development opportunity while prime spaces are still available.

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90 North Schaumburg

90 North — The Perfect Space to Grow

Take advantage of the opportunity, and be a part of this developing center for Midwest commerce.

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For more information about opportunities in Schaumburg’s 90 North District please contact the economic development office.

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Key facts and figures about Schaumburg and the 90 North opportunity.

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The 90 North West development, Veridian, is managed by Urban Street Group. Check here for progress reports and other information specific to the 90 North West District.

Visit Veridian Website

Village of Schaumburg

The Village of Schaumburg is deeply committed to the success of the entire 90 North initiative, and is directly coordinating the development of the 90 North East Entertainment District. The VOS site is a great resource for additional information about 90 North and about business planning and (ever) evolving commercial opportunities in Schaumburg.

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