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West Side

The Business District West will offer a modern environment for a cosmopolitan lifestyle comprising nature, contemporary architecture, commerce, and community. With a Business Core, Mainstreet, Greenway Park System, and a Trail System, District West will thrive and evolve for generations to come.

See the latest drone footage of the construction site below.

Feature Image Trail System

Trail System

An extensive system (over eight miles) of connected bicycle and walking trails will serve all of District West. The trails will provide employees, residents, hotel patrons and visitors with scenic paths to all the major destinations and amenities in the district.

Feature Image North Pond Neighborhood

North Pond Neighborhood

The North Pond Park neighborhood offers an array of excellent housing options within walking distance of the shops, parks, and workplaces that will populate 90 West. These modern, upscale residential developments will attract millennials, empty nesters, and new residents who are looking for something more than a garage and a backyard.

Feature Image Greenway Park System

Greenway Park System

While there are a few charming urban squares and parks in the suburbs, there are no “Urban Parks” comparable to the great parks and greenspaces in Chicago. District West's Greenway Park System is designed to meet that high standard, and become a regional destination: the first true Urban Park in a Suburban setting.

Feature Image Main Street

Main Street

Main Street will offer an eclectic and approachable mixed-use neighborhood for the West Side. Modern shops, restaurants, and public and private businesses will frame its visually rich streets and plazas. The upper floors of Main Street's mid-rise buildings will add an abundance of residential units within walking distance of the Business Core.

Feature Image Business Core

Business Core

The West Side's Business Core reserves large development parcels to attract future office, research, and hotel uses along the highly desirable Jane Addams / I-90 frontage. 90 North's image as a Global Business Center will be established and anchored here. The Business Core will draw architectural, visual, and practical inspiration from the most innovative business and learning campuses throughout the world.

Feature Image The Boulevard

The Boulevard

The Boulevard is the primary multimodal thoroughfare running through District West, with four lanes of traffic, abundant natural features via street landscaping, and attractive lighting, signage and design elements. The Boulevard will offer a vibrant, lush, and safe thoroughfare for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike.

The Entertainment District

East Side

The Entertainment District will offer a walkable Entertainment Hub, animated and anchored by the iconic Schaumburg Convention Center & Renaissance Hotel. New entertainment venues, restaurants, and hotels will offer destination-quality opportunities for recreation, dining, and lodging. District East will draw visitors, residents, and workers from 90 North and (many) nearby locales.

Feature Image Walkable Trails

Walkable Trails

Pedestrians will find a variety of paths and destinations at 90 North East. A mix of natural and commercial attractions will frame a diverse, walkable trail system with new paths extending the existing pond and nature trails east of the Convention Center. The new trails will also join with the large trail system planned for 90 North West, with safe paths across Meacham Road.

Feature Image Embrace Plaza

Embrace Plaza

A beautiful place to gather, relax, and enjoy the fresh air: through the addition of native natural features, conveniences, and design elements, the "Embrace" circle that fronts the Renaissance Hotel will be transformed into an elegant and inviting Urban Plaza.

Feature Image Convention Center

Convention Center

The Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center provides the primary attraction and anchor for the 90 North East Entertainment District, with an iconic, and very busy hub for both business and leisure, serving the entire Midwest in impeccable style.

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